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Software review: Trint.com

Trint review video

I’ve been looking for some captioning software for a while, and I’ve discovered a nice new shiny piece of software called Trint. You find it at trint.com and it’s really rather slick, and I’m sure it will get even better when it comes out of beta.


Plans start at “Pay as you go”, £13.20/hr for a transcription which can also be used for subtitling. You pay upfront and then are billed ongoing. up to a £100 10hr “Supercharged” package which works out as £10/hr. You can naturally cancel your account  at any point in time. This is great for people that can’t yet afford the price point of, for instance, the market leader Rev.com who charge one dollar a minute or either transcription or subtitling (not both together)

Apart from being good on price, they also charge in your detected local currency.


It’s not 100% accurate. As an automated transcription service, if you put bad audio in, you will get bad transcription out. The quality depends on the distance of the audio source to the mic, if you have background noise and all the other stuff that would interfere and quality of the mic used.

The transcription produced is time-locked to the audio waveform and is fully editable as the video plays. The video controls are simply, play/pause and rewind 5s. You can speed up and slow down playback, as well as  add highlights and strikethrough.

It can export in four formats:

  • .DOCX format
  • .SRT format (subtitles you can upload to YouTube & Facebook Live)
  • .VTT format
  • and an HTML interactive transcript that has embedded stuff from Trint URLs inside it.

Usability and Value

The tool is simply to use, saves hours of time and produces very clean DOCx and SRT files from the transcription.

From what I’ve seen, it’s about 70-80% accurate, so you will have to spend a little time editing. However,  because even if I have to put in a couple of hours to edit and finalise on an hour long video up front, in the end, Trint will save me 15-20 hours of hard work in an area that I’m not skilled in, and will make my content way more accessible.

I know I’m going to enjoy using it and I hope that you will as well

Enjoy my video review:

(PS I used the transcript I created with Trint to create this post in 10 minutes!)