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You want to work with me? Awesome!

I’m passionate about your results and I’m grateful that you want to work with me.

I’d really love to help you build your own business. When you engage with me, we discuss what you want to achieve, in a technology agnostic way.  From this, I create a clear plan about how to do that! I’ll give you options that fit your budget now, as well as options that will also allow for your future growth.

A clear and costed plan allows you to not waste your time learning tools that are not generally in your skill set as well as money, whilst you try various options that ultimately don’t work for you.

Working with me lets me bring my zone of genius to your technology needs, which enables you to get out of technology overwhelm and instead into focusing on your zone of genius in running your business!

Work with me:

  1. Jump Start: A five page website
  2. Email marketing setup
  3. E-commerce (own or affiliate products and services) site setup
  4. Social Media Setup and Business Networking
  5. 60 minute clarity and progress session via Skype
  6. Done for you: Full ongoing service support